Monday 17 June

Venueː Weetwood Hall – report to reception

19:00 – 21:00 Early Registration

Tuesday 18 June

Venueː Weetwood Hall – Lawnswood Suite

Time Speaker Title
08:45 Registration (late)
09:00 Rene Oudmaijer Welcome
Session 1 Pre-Main Sequence Evolution
09:10 Alessandro Bressan (I) Stellar evolution from the Pre Main Sequence to the Zero Age Main Sequence
09:50 Evan Nuñez Characterizing the X-ray Emission of Intermediate-Mass Pre-Main-Sequence Stars
10:10 Matthew Povich Probing the Duration of Star Formation in Galactic Giant Molecular Clouds with Intermediate-Mass, Pre-Main Sequence Stellar Populations
10:30 Refreshment Break
11:15 Michael Connelley Are Class I Objects Really Protostars?
Session 2 T Tauri Stars
11:35 Jerôme Bouvier (I) Pre-main sequence evolution: accretion, magnetism, and star-disk interaction
12:15 Lubomir Hambalek Optical variability of T Tauri stars from ground-based and Kepler observation
12:35 Giovanni Pinzón Rotational evolution of T Tauri and Herbig Ae/Be stars
12:55 Lunch
14:25 Marusa Zerial Systematic search for pre-main sequence stars in large spectroscopic surveys
Session 3 Herbig Ae/Be Stars
14:45 Sean Brittain (I) Herbig Ae/Be Stars: Stellar Evolution, Disks, and Planet Formation
15:25 Ilya Portavnov Interstellar lines in the spectrum of the Herbig Be star IL Cep
15:45 Tim Naylor A Gaia-based comparison of Classical T Tauri and Herbig Ae/Be variability
16:05 Refreshment Break
16:50 Hasmik   Andreasyan Simultaneous photometric and spectral analysis of new outburst of V1686 Cyg
17:10 Philip Lucas YSO variability in VVV: episodic accretion and explosions
17:30 End of Day 1
18:30 Coach to the Royal Armouries – meeting pointː Weetwood Hall Reception
19:00 Drinks Reception and Dinner at the Royal Armouries
22:15 Coach to Weetwood Hall – meeting pointː Royal Armouries Reception

Wednesday 19 June

Venueː Weetwood Hall – Lawnswood Suite

Time Speaker Title
Session 4 Accretion
09:00 James Muzerolle (I) Magnetospheric Accretion Modeling of T Tauri and Herbig Ae/Be Stars
09:40 Christian Schneider (I) Accretion properties of T Tauri and Herbig Ae/Be stars
10:20 Jorick Vink Linking Herbig and T Tauri stars with Linear Spectro-polarimetry
10:40 Refreshment Break
11:25 Raquel de Albuquerque Searching for accretion among low-mass members in the Orion Nebula Cluster
11:45 Thanawuth Thanathibodee A Census of the Lowest Accretors
Session 5 Disk Evolution
12:05 Nuria Calvet (I) Protoplanetary disk evolution: aiming to understand how evolution proceeds and the gas-rich phase ends
12:45 Laura Venuti A dynamical view of star-disk interaction processes in young open clusters as seen from space
13:05 Lunch
14:35 Richard Alexander The importance of the dust back-reaction in protoplanetary disc dynamics
14:55 Per-Gunnar Valegård What happened before? Properties of young intermediate mass pre-main-sequence stars
15:15 Giulia Ballabio Empirical diagnostics of protoplanetary disc winds
Session 6 Gaia
15:35 Alcione Mora (I) The Gaia mission. Overview and young stars
16:15 Poster Session (includes 1 minute flash talks)
17:30 End of Day 2

Thursday 20 June

Venueː Weetwood Hall – Lawnswood Suite

Time Speaker Title
09:00 Miguel Vioque New catalogue of Pre-Main Sequence objects using Gaia
09:20 Graham Fleming Revealing the Two Horns of Taurus with Gaia DR2
09:40 Héctor Cánovas Data mining the Gaia DR2: searching for PMS stars and their discs
10:00 Alice Pérez Blanco Clustering properties of Herbig Ae/Be stars: CEREAL
10:20 Refreshment Break
Session 7 Clusters
11:05 Lynne Hillenbrand (I) Herbig Ae/Be Stars and Young Stellar Clusters
11:45 Loredana Prisinzano The Gaia-ESO survey: Age and gravity spread in the Lagoon Nebula
12:05 Marina Kounkel Close companions around young stars
12:25 Zhen Guo The effect of spots on the luminosity spread of the Pleiades
12:45 Lunch
Session 8 Episodic Accretion
14:15 Lee Hartmann (I) Two puzzles of FU Ori objects
14:55 Carlos Contreras Peña Gaia and the recurrence timescale of long-lasting YSO outbursts
15:15 Justyn Campbell-White The HOYS-CAPS Citizen Science Project
15:35 Refreshment Break
16:20 Evgeni Semkov Results from the optical photometric monitoring of young stellar objects
16:40 Konstanze Zwintz The potential of asteroseismology for pre-main sequence stars
17:00 End of Day 3
19:00 Coach to University House – meeting pointː Weetwood Hall Reception
19:30 Dinner at University House, University of Leeds
22:00 Coach to Weetwood Hall – meeting pointː University House Entrance

Friday 21 June 

Venueː Weetwood Hall – Lawnswood Suite

Time Speaker Title
Session 9 Magnetic Fields
09:00 Evelyne Alecian (I) Magnetic fields of pre-main sequence low- and intermediate mass stars
09:40 Silva Järvinen Detections of weak magnetic fields in Herbig Ae/Be stars using high resolution HARPS spectropolarimetry
10:00 Christian Flores The first survey of magnetic field strengths for Class I and flat-spectrum protostars
10:20 Alexis Lavail Magnetic fields of T Tauri stars from high-resolution near-infrared spectroscopy
10:40 Refreshment Break
Session 10 Disk & Planets
11:25 Antonio Garufi (I) Our first 100 protoplanetary discs: morphology and evolution from high-resolution images
12:05 Rebecca Nealon Does TW Hya host a misaligned planet?
12:25 Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar Reading between the lines: Adventures in spectroscopy of young and wild stars
12:45 Rene Oudmaijer Close Conference
13:00 End of Day 4
13:00 Lunch

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