The project has recruited two early stage researchers (ESR) for 36 months. Each participating researcher is enrolled in a doctoral programme and will spend at least 50% of their time in the non-academic sector.

The two ESRs will be located at the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leeds, UK, for the first 9 months. They will then work in industry at ISDEFE/ESAC in Madrid, Spain, for 18 months. The ESRs are scheduled to return to the UK in Leeds for the last 9 months, to carry out the final analysis and their thesis write-up.

The ESRs will be jointly supervised by Prof. R Oudmaijer (University of Leeds – academic) and Dr. D Baines (ISDEFE – industry). Each ESR will also be allocated a mentor who will act as an independent point of contact and support.

Miguel Vioque

My name is Miguel Vioque and my research topic is about Herbig Ae/Be stars. I am currently doing my Ph.D. in that field under the supervision of Professor Rene Oudmaijer and Dr. Deborah Baines.

I was born in Sevilla, Spain, in 1993 and since I was very young I was already interested in astrophysics. That interest took me to finish in 2016 a Master in Theoretical Physics, specializing in Astrophysics and Cosmology at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM, in Madrid, Spain). After that I was accepted in this twin site PhD at Leeds, where I am currently living, and the ISDEFE company at Madrid.

I am very interested in astrophysics, mainly in stellar formation and evolution. The project I am currently doing is focused on stellar formation of intermediate mass stars and my aim is to keep working in that field after finishing it. I think it is a very ambitious project with lots of possible outcomes, so I hope to have interesting results by the end of my Ph.D. that may lead to further investigations. I would like to be a researcher in astrophysics in a future so my career plan goes through doing post-doctoral stages and keep researching and working in this beautiful field of astrophysics.

Alice Perez

My name is Alice G. Pérez B. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1988. I am currently doing my PhD in Astrophysics under the supervision of Professor Rene Oudmaijer (University of Leeds, UK) and Dr. Deborah Baines (ISDEFE, Spain), where the research topic is the clustering properties of intermediate mass young stars, such as Herbig Ae/Be stars.

My interest in Astrophysics started during my degree course in Physics at the Universidad de Oriente (UDO, Cumaná – Venezuela). As part of my studies, I took courses in Astrophysics in the Centro de Investigaciones de Astronomía (CIDA, Merida – Venezuela) related with the star formation and evolution and this became the topic of my undergraduate dissertation. I continued to develop this interest by completing a Master degree in Fundamental Physics at the Universidad de Los Andes (ULA, Mérida – Venezuela) in 2016 where the main topic was the star formation. After this, I was accepted to join in this PhD program, where I will split my time between the University of Leeds and the ISDEFE.

The aim of my PhD project is to assess the existence of clusters around previously known and newly discovered Herbig Ae/Be stars. This project is part of an important bigger project, which offers me lots of opportunities to continue working in the field of astronomy. Hopefully, in the future, I will be able to obtain a post-doctoral position and continue doing research in Astrophysics.

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