Final Conference

STARRY Final Conference


The Herbig Ae/Be stars bridge the gap in mass between the lower mass T Tauri stars and the higher mass Massive Young Stellar Objects. By linking the low and high mass stars, the Herbig Ae/Be stars are crucial in finding similarities and differences between the formation processes in both regimes.

Since the last conference dedicated to Herbig Ae/Be stars in 2014 in Chile, new facilities such as ALMA, SPHERE, GPI and Gravity allowed detailed studies into their formation and evolution as well as of the planets forming in their disk. Moreover, the Gaia astrometry mission will contribute greatly in their study.

Therefore the time is ripe for experts to come together and discuss their latest results on star formation. The time is also ripe to probe the links between the T Tauri stars and Herbig Ae/Be stars in more detail and a major aim of the conference is to bring the respective communities together to compare and contrast the properties, appearance and formation mechanisms of both types of object.

The conference will take place in Leeds, one of UK’s largest cities and named by Lonely Planet in the ‘Top 10 Best in Europe destination’ for 2017. The conference will last 3.5 days from Tuesday morning on 18th of June 2019 until Friday midday on 21st of June 2019.  The social programme includes a welcome reception on Monday night, a visit to the world renowned Royal Armouries is scheduled for Tuesday night and the conference dinner takes place at the University on Thursday night. Lunches are also included in the conference fee. The conference venue is at Weetwood Hall which also has reserved accommodation on site.

Confirmed Invited Speakers

  • Evelyne Alecian, France
  • Allessandro Bressan, Italy
  • Sean Brittain, USA
  • Jerome Bouvier, France
  • Nuria Calvet, USA
  • Antonio Garufi, Italy
  • Lee Hartmann, USA
  • Lynne Hillenbrand, USA
  • Alcione Mora, Spain
  • James Muzerolle, USA
  • Christian Schneider, Germany