Preparing for Gaia Data Release 2

The 25th of April the second data release of the Gaia data will be presented to the community. That day we will be at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore attending to the Symposium “The 21st Century H-R Diagram: The Power of Precision Photometry”, in which I will give a talk about what we have done, and plan to do, with the Gaia data. This will be a great opportunity to share with the community our knowledge of using the new astrometric values and to learn what other people around the world have in mind about the same subject.

Another good new is that I applied for admission to the Spanish Astronomical Society which annual meeting will be held this year in Salamanca in July. We will attend this meeting and hopefully we will present fresh new results obtained with the new set of data.

These months have been pretty cold in Madrid (and apparently in the whole Europe) but despite of that I managed to go to Leeds for a week in mid February and come back with some nice work done. I might go again soon after the 25th of April for fine tuning the way we approach the Gaia data.

The Proceedings of the “Star Formation in Space and Time” Symposium, for which we contributed with a poster, are now public while the ones from the “Astrometry and Astrophysics in the Gaia Sky” Symposium are soon to come.